Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our First Annual Contratto/Lambourne Family Reunion

reading a friends blog, which talked about having an annual family trip to St. George, I was inspired to start our own annual family trip/reunion. So this year, I planned the first one, which I called the pre-annual family reunion because it was just going to be dinner. I figured we could use the time to discuss options for the ones to follow. I think Jackson Hole is going to win :)

We had dinner and a campfire at storm mountain picnic area in Big Cottonwood Canyon and then roasted marshmallows. Joe and I took all the kids rock climbing and they did awesome!

It was great to see everyone. I hope that we get an even better response at next years and get some of the out of towners there. We really missed Raquel's family, Illi would havew loved the rock climbing!

Thanks everyone for participating!

See you for a long weekend next August! Invites to come out soon!
PS I updated my whole summer today so look further for more pics and stories!


MEREDITH said...

how fun!! what a good idea. i need to do something like that with my family.

The Mackey's said...

Love your updates. I can't wait to have a family of my own to do fun things like that one day!